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If you’ve ever had trouble with your webhost – downtime due to your site getting a lot of traffic in a short period of time, resource outages due to increased traffic leading you to exceed your bandwidth limit, or most commonly, shabby / non-existent customer support – then take out the time to read about TigerTech, and why they might be the right choice for you.

I’ve been working online for over 6 years now, and in that we’ve managed 100s of websites and worked with dozens of webhosts, from your cheap-as-dirt shared hosting variety to VPS providers to cloud hosting to top-of-the-line dedicated servers.

There are three things that I absolutely insist on (always) when working on any webhosting service:

1. Quality customer support

They’re the experts, so they should be able to solve any / all of your problems promptly. They should also be familiar with the most common web technologies – and be able to give you feedback on how to optimise your website to make it run faster. Lastly, they should be proactive, fixing potential issues before they happen.

2. Zero downtime

Technically zero downtime isn’t always possible, but you want a webhost that will adapt to your site’s needs, increasing available CPU capacity and bandwidth when needed. If you get a sudden burst of traffic because your article is popular on NewsNow, got tweeted by a 100 people or got linked to by a popular blog, your webhost should be able to keep the site up and running through the traffic spike. The same goes for increased traffic throughout a month (for example during the summer when transfer stories and new kits generate a lot of pageviews). In a nutshell, your website should never be down because of your host’s inability to cater for extra demand.

There may be technical flaws or delays, or if you start getting 200k pageviews a day and you absolutely need to upgrade your hosting setup, then a slowdown or timeout is understandable. In 99% of the cases though, it’s avoidable and shouldn’t happen.

3. Value for money

Way back in 2007, with Soccerlens on the rise and having serious problems with it’s webhost, we spoke to several web hosting companies about our requirements. They have only increased since then, but here’s a look at it back in January 2007:

  • 500k unique visitors / month
  • 1m page views / month
  • WordPress setup with 50+ plugins

Recommendations ranged from a $50 / month VPS (which we didn’t have the technical expertise to manage) to a $400 / month dedicated server. We had maxed out 2 different shared hosting providers at that time, but on the recommendation of a close friend and the unbeatable tagline ‘the only shared hosting that is Digg-proof’, we opted to go with TigerTech.

You can read my TigerTech review for more details, but the bottom line is, since that day we haven’t looked back. As the site has grown, we’ve been lucky enough to have near-zero downtime, critical money-saving customer support, and while rival sites with similar traffic / usage patterns are hosted on expensive servers, we’re coasting along without paying an arm and a leg for quality support.

At $6.95 / month, with zero setup fees, free domain, unlimited bandwidth, flexible CPU cycle allocation (so your site is never down) and world class customer support, you shouldn’t be mucking about with the likes of MediaTemple, BlueHost, DreamHost, GoDaddy and the rest.

So, if you’re frustrated with your current webhost, or on the lookout for a new one, check out TigerTech (aff link).

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