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How to get maximum traffic from NewsNow


Previously we talked about how to get your football news site listed in NewsNow. That’s only half the battle though – once you’re in, you also need to know how to maximise exposure and traffic from NewsNow.

Here are a few suggestions to help you maximise traffic to your football news site from NewsNow:

Timing matters

Profile your target audience and find out at what time they are most likely to use NewsNow. If you’re targeting the UK audience, daytime (10am – 5pm – GMT) gets you the most exposure (allowing for other factors, such as headlines and the number of newsfeeds your article pops up in). If you’re targeting the US audience, then you’ll need to make adjustments so that you post news during their daytime (3pm – midnight – GMT).

Timing is not the decisive factor though, headlines are.

Write killer headlines

The headline / title of your article will make or break your chance to get traffic through NewsNow for that piece. The headline is the only piece of your article that readers on NewsNow see and as a result, the only thing that will convince them to click on your headline or pass over it.

Timing and getting into the right newsfeeds gets your headline in front of maximum eyeballs – after that, it’s the headline’s job to get the readers to click through.

Here are some tips for writing killer headlines:

How to write headlines that work
How to write killer headlines

The unwritten rule here is that you need to adapt the advice you get on headline writing to your audience – and to the topic that you are writing about.

Pick the right topic

Not every topic attracts a lot of interest. In footballing terms, transfers attract more interest than player weddings, match reports attract more interest than what the manager had for breakfast and takeovers attract far more interest than a reserve team game. That’s how it is.

There are two strategies to to always pick an interesting topic:

1) Through experience, you’ll be able to put a pulse on what interests readers and what doesn’t, what attracts more attention and what doesn’t (the news mainstream media chooses to run with gives you a good indication, although they aren’t always right)

2) Learn how to tie in your story with a wider angle that the largest possible segment of your audience will be interested in.

Talking about reserve matches? Link it to your analysis on transfer news or impact on the next league game. Talking about the new kit sponsor? Widen the scope by mentioning all other clubs that they sponsor as well.

Leverage the seasonal effect

The transfer seasons invariably lead to more people looking for transfer news during the months of July and August (as well as January) than in any other season (your mileage may vary if you’re looking at non-Premier League coverage). Similarly, football kits for the next season are usually announced around the end of the current season and over the summer.

Tournaments such as the World Cup and the European Championships get a lot of concentrated attention over a limited period of time.

Since it is quite easy to spot and predict future peaks of attention and interest, you can plan in advance for these peaks and take advantage of them by publishing relevant articles on those topics.

Keywords, keywords, keywords

Disclaimer: please do not start spamming NewsNow by adding hundreds of unrelated terms in your articles in order to appear across all NewsNow news feeds. This will probably result in someone reporting your website as spam to the NewsNow authorities and get your site banned from NewsNow.

While NewsNow initially assigns your website to a particular news feed, it also reads each article selects which news feeds it should appear in on the basis of keywords.

The keyword in your headline has more relevance, but you can also get your article listed in multiple feeds by adding keywords to your article several times. NewsNow asks you to place the and tags at the start and end of your articles (if you’re using WordPress, those go in your single.php file). I’ve placed the first one right after the headline and the second one right before the comments.

Club names, player names, manager names, nicknames and ground names are all linked to their related news feeds.

I hope that the above strategies help you get more traffic from NewsNow. There’s more to it, and I’ll be updating this article in the future. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments or email me.

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